Transvestite, transgender, cross-dresser, drag queen and gender fluid, maybe a social normal for some people but that does not equal a standard norm of society

This personal opinion piece is not a ruling about any individual consenting adult who choses to be in a same sex relationship, or those who chose to cross-dress, or those who chose to imitate women as drag queens, or those who chose to live as a gender identity other than their X or Y chromosomes make up. I acknowledge the personal lifestyle choice and have […]


Two with mobility condition of paraplegia. One got much more due to his “disadvantaged” ‘Aboriginal’ socially constructed race heritage

The two men in the photos in this blog are Kevin Coombs and Bruno Secondo Moretti. Both were born in Australia in 1941. Both obtained the physical mobility impairment of paraplegia before adulthood. Both came from non-English cultural heritage. Bruno’s parents had immigrated from Italy and English was a second spoken language by Bruno. Bruno Moretti deserved to be recognised in a way that he […]


Some think renaming ‘disabled parking’ or ‘disabled toilets’ to include ‘accessible’ fixes everything…

Disability’ is something imposed on top of a person’s impairments by the way they are unnecessarily isolated and excluded from full participation in society. Disability’ arouses pity and pity peddling. ‘Disability’ arouses hero inspiration for doing normal stuff. ‘Disability’ arouses invasive inquisitiveness. ‘Disability’ suggests tragedy. ‘Disability’ stands for dispossession and misery.  ‘Disability’ confirms one-dimensional. ‘Disability’ purports need fixing. ‘Disability’ is a plot device. ‘Disability’ is […]


No one but self is responsible for how another person feels or reacts to spoken or written words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” Once upon a time, people were taught to be tolerant and not get upset about what another person may say regardless of how audacious or foolhardy the words used were. And yes it is very natural to be fearful of a simpleton walking alone down the street having conversations with themselves, especially […]


Social model of disability is archaic and flawed

The barriers damaged humans encounter in their daily life include inaccessible education systems, inaccessible work settings, deficient impairment benefits, discriminatory health and social support services, hard to access transport, unfit for purpose accommodation, public buildings, and amenities. The degrading of some types of body damage in people occurs through innocent ignorance, comic relief, and negative images in the media – films, television and newspapers. There […]


Instead of the wheelchair being seen as freedom giving equipment the wheelchair is a society symbol of sickness, unhealthy and social ‘disability’

Write a book and it makes you an expert. Write an academic book and it is taught in education institutions and revered by the 1st class honours solution searchers. Say something often enough and people accept it as factual evidence. Free thinking is removed from the education curriculum and replaced by authoritarian consensus. The ‘disability’ stereotype was born and is continually reinforced via this process. […]